About Us

 Our agency deals with central Italy, in a region called Abruzzo, near Teramo.

We follow and take care of our customers with competence and reliability during all the phases of our   work: from the perfect property selection to its purchase and final consignment. Thanks to our experience we offer many kind of other services, such as planning the partial or total renovation of the property or its refurnishment.

In order to let our Customers feel at ease and let them trust us, we have strict collaborations with specialised technicians, engineers and designers.

We understand our customers’ needs and plan our work with them depending on themselves. We support them along the whole buying process and protect their own interests.

We manage with all the official documents, bank accounts etc. that are now in the actual estate market.

Please find downhere a “summar list” of our services:


  • structural survey.
  • general estimate of the main renovation works.
  • research of the property documents and plans in the official building and land registries.
  • bank loan obtaining support.


                                 Thea Petrini

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